Uplifting and challenging worship on a lovely day

everyone!  Today has been a good day.  The weather is lovely
and sunny and warm.  I walked down to Wesley Chapel in town as it
was a united service.  I really enjoyed the walk and I found the
service uplifting and challenging about who Jesus is for us and our
identity in Jesus.  I loved singing the rousing hymns and felt the
presence of God there very much.  Graham our young friend joined
us for lunch and managed to eat some lunch with difficulty, as he has
become anxious about being able to eat.  He seemed to enjoy being
with us. 
the day was so lovely we had a walk together as far as Malcolm could
manage; he has to leave enough energy to be able to walk home or he
will knock himself out for days, unable to do anything.  He is so
much more cheerful in himself and seems to be managing his energy
levels better.  He has such determination to solve problems on the
computer and will keep, as he puts it, playing around on the computer
until he can rectify the problem.  He has such an amazing mind and
I enjoy stimulating conversations with him on so many topics.  We
both love surfing the Internet to discover what new diagnoses mean
which doctors are considering may be afflicting him.  I am so
happy to share my life with my beloved, as he makes me complete and
also can challenge me and show me better ways to do things.  The
best part of my life with my beloved is being held, loved and
appreciated by Malcolm and loving, caring for and holding my
went to the chapel this evening for communion and again we were
challenged to find our identity in Christ and once again had a
resounding sing together.  Now I am going to relax and enjoy a
quiet evening with a glass or two of wine, as we watch Poirot! 
Bye for now! 
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