A constructive day


Hello everyone!  I have concentrated on Christmas cards today, both making and sending them.  I made another couple of cards at my quilling group and Malcolm has prepared the greetings inside.  I enjoy creating the cards.  It feels good to be better prepared now!  I have sent all parcels now I think.  The next task tomorrow is to tidy up and clean, so we can put up some decorations.  I can wrap the presents up later.

It is lovely to relax here with my beloved, whilst we sort out cards.  I had prepared cards, but suddenly realised we had signed them all Helen and Malcolm, so I shall make another two for my daughters, as I sign Mum!  Mind you, I have been known to sign myself as Helen, when writing to Cathy!!  I suppose it is now that my two daughters are adults and friends as well as daughters, that I can sign myself as Helen instead of Mum!  Cathy was mortified!  They will always be my children however grown up they are!  

Today has been beautiful with a glorious red sunset, even if it is cold.  I love this weather and I am quite happy to wrap up warmly.  Cosy evenings by the fire with my beloved are a special part of this winter season.  Bye for now!

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