A day back on the right track

Hello everyone!  Today I woke in the same leisurely way, which has characterised this Christmas time.  However I was determined to get back on track with a more normal eating pattern.  I did my twenty minute workout with my Rosemary Conley video before I had breakfast.  After accompanying Malcolm to the local shops for such necessities as cigarettes and next week’s radio times, I set off on an hour’s walk.  By the time I returned I was feeling exhilarated and virtuous!
I then prepared lunch, which today was gammon and pineapple with new potatoes and vegetables, which we enjoyed.  I had my natural yogurt with fruit and I have found my stomach settling down happily with my usual diet.  I have to limit cakes, puddings and sweets, not so much to control my weight,  but as I can no longer manage as many sweet things.  I have been training myself to eat more healthy food and now my body needs it!
After lunch I set off to Leeds/Bradford Airport to meet Cathy and Ken.  After driving round the roundabout there a few times they emerged from Arrivals and I took them home.  I was relieved that the forecast of heavy snow had not materialised, as I have memories of years of travelling to Bradford in snowy conditions.  On one notable occasion it took me an hour and a half to get up Pool Bank only to discover that the school was closed!!  It took me a further hour to return home!
Now safely back home with my beloved I have been enjoying Poirot and Gerald Durrell’s My family and Other Animals; we also watched an interesting documentary on the "Wild Life of Gerald Durrell".  On later looking out of the window, I discovered the snow had finally arrived and had settled a bit, which is now OK, as Cathy is now safely back.
This Christmas has been the most relaxing that I can remember.  My beloved seems to have enjoyed it as well.  It has been special sharing Christmas with my beloved.  Bye for now!
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