Shakiness is difficult to control

Hello everyone!  I saw Beth this morning and we went to buy tickets for the ballet Coppelia for me and the girls, which we will be seeing on Friday March 17th.   We are looking forward to going.  My beloved can’t cope with an event like that, which is sad for him.  He is so supportive to me and so caring, despite the recent setback in his health and progress.


This afternoon I went for an interview for a job as a clerical assistant for NYCC Highways division.  I had to type a letter as part of the interview and I decided to do that first, but unfortunately my nerves made my hands shake uncontrollably!  The lady interviewer suggested I have my interview first, and I was grateful to her.  I found myself relaxing in the interview and they were impressed by my qualifications and that I knew a bit about the job.  However the job was full time and I only want a part time job, so it was not appropriate.  I managed the typing at the second effort, which helped me.

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