An encouraging day


Hello everyone!  I enjoyed helping the computer students at the Centre today.  It was a special moment when Eileen, who had never touched a computer before January 13th, completed her first task in Word Processing: she was absolutely thrilled too.  I do love to see people blossoming, as they begin to master a new skill.  I certainly am glad that I am a student supporter and definitely don’t want a full time job.  I shall just keep applying for part time jobs.


I had some encouraging feedback from my interview yesterday, when Mike rang back from Training Services and spoke with Malcolm.  Of course they realised I was very nervous, but they found me very personable and my typing test was fine.  Apparently the person, who was interviewed after me, was very confident, but only typed with two fingers and they did not offer her the job.  If I had wanted to work full time I might have been considered.  Being nervous does not necessarily mean that you cannot be considered for a job, which is a relief.  As my confidence in typing increases hopefully my fingers will not shake so much.  Interviews are such good experience for me to improve my confidence.


My beloved managed to get to the doctor’s and he is starting a new antidepressant to help restore his equilibrium.  He has smiled a little more today and his smile restores me to a sense of wellbeing.  Malcolm cooked delicious salmon pasta tonight; especially tasty tonight.  I am so fortunate to share my life with my beloved.

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1 Response to An encouraging day

  1. Angel says:

    it must be an awesome feelin to touch the lives of young people, to make a diffrence……there isnt any light brighter than that
    came across ur space while hppin through the updated spaces and im glad i did
    keep smilin

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