Family time



Hello everyone!  This morning I had a leisurely start to the day and enjoyed a more relaxed breakfast, before popping out to the local shops.   I then left my poor exhausted hubby in bed sleeping and set off with Cathy to the cinema, for the first time in years.  I found myself getting excited at the prospect of seeing “The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.”  I bought a Belgian chocolate ice cream and Cathy bought some Minstrels chocolates, which I also sampled!   The film was quite captivating and I managed to watch it without my usual running commentary!  I seem to forget that those who watch with me can understand what is happening without me explaining!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I usually wait until the film comes out on DVD, but Cathy had wanted to see the film and Ken like Malcolm prefers to watch the DVD at home, which I also enjoy, as I love relaxing with my beloved.


Malcolm is totally without energy today and is now wrapped up warmly by the fire, resting peacefully and I hope that will restore him.  What is most unusual is that he can usually manage to prepare food ready for tomorrow, but he has just had to rest!  He feels bad, as he has usually managed that, and I have tried to reassure him.  I feel so cross about his deterioration since the phone call about the Impending medical.  Maybe if all people on Incapacity had video cameras showing how limited their energy was and restricted their life was, then there would be no pressure to try and retrain or go for a job interview.  People like Malcolm would then have a chance of a full recovery and be able to have the energy and concentration to have a full day without the need to rest frequently: maybe even feel they had achieved something that day, instead of wondering why they got up. 

Tonight I am going to our chapel for a New Year meal, which I am looking forward to this evening.

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