Choosing to relax

Hello everyone!  I have done a lot of walking today, as I have decided to stop doing the German even though I enjoy it.  I was finding it more stressful to fit it in and I want to do more voluntary work, especially in administration to prepare myself better for work in administration.


I also recognise the need I have of relaxation skills to help me cope in interview situations and in any future job I might have.  I had a head massage, which was very helpful and the therapist is happy to help me learn how to manage in a stressful situation or rather in a situation, in which I feel tense.  He suggested I try saying an affirming mantra, whilst I tap meridian points to improve my confidence.  I shall follow his suggestion and say, as he suggested, “Even though my hands shake when I am expected to type and I get tense and make a mess of it.  I deeply and completely accept myself.”


I went to Oxfam to inquire about the voluntary position of admin assistant and I have an application form to fill in and the days I could offer time.  It is all a good experience.  In the meantime I shall keep practising my typing skills.


It is good to be home with my beloved relaxing as we listen to the radio whilst doing things on our laptops.  I love to smile across the room and receive a lovely smile in response; it just fills me with deep contentment and peace.  It is good to share my life with my beloved!      

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