When I could not control my mouth

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I did not manage to write a blog, as I had quite a busy day.  The day did not start well, as far as I am concerned, as I had a dental appointment for a filling!  I hate going to the dentist, as do most of my family, except my younger daughter, Cathy, who has never had a filling.  She prefers the dentist to the doctor!  She had a brace as a teenager but no filling.  That is not bad for a twenty five year old!  One of my brothers had not had a filling at the age of 21 and one of his sons had not had a filling when I last asked him at the age of 36!!  My elder daughter’s first teeth were decayed when they came through, after part of my placenta died.  As a child I was not conscientious enough to clean my teeth properly and I have always had a sweet tooth.  

As I went in I knew that I had lost another filling, so I knew I would have a frozen mouth: at least he could fill three teeth at the same time!  No more torture till October, thank goodness!  The left side of my face was frozen and I could only dribble as I tried to drink!  With instructions to leave the teeth to harden for at least an hour before eating, I set off into town to meet my daughter Beth.  I tried to send her a text to say I was on my way but it was so confused that she rang me to make sense of it!  I kept putting wrong letters and as it is “better” than my old trusty mobile and, for technophobe me, far more complicated to use!


We met and enjoyed a wander round one or two shops, to give my mouth a chance to unfreeze before lunch.  In the end I found it less problematic to eat the spicy beans with rice than to drink without dribbling.  Beth suddenly set off to get a straw for me to drink through and at last I had control of my mouth again.  Even at teatime my mouth had not returned to normal and only late in the evening did feeling return completely!


Today I had a surprise day off helping with the computers, as the Acorn Centre was shut today.  It has made this holiday weekend more special, even though Malcolm had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  We went to try out sofas and we decided to get two easy chairs instead of a two seater sofa.  The chair was really comfortable and supportive.  We now wait for Beth to arrange removal of the bulkier of our extant sofas.  Malcolm and I had lunch out together which was lovely.

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