Order after chaos

Hello everyone!  Today began early, as I rearranged the back room, so that our large couch could be moved out, to be taken to my elder daughter’s house.  I cleaned, as I moved furniture, and moved the large couch towards the door.  However the removal men found it very problematic to move.  It would not go through the door, yet I knew it had been put in the room, so logically it had to come out again!  Suddenly I remembered that the feet had been removed to get it in the room, and as I went to tell the removal men, I found them already in the process of removing the feet from the sofa.  Finally they succeeded and the sofa has now gone. 

I did not go to church this morning, as there has been a lot of sorting to do.  The room now looks so spacious without the large couch, in fact it is a great improvement, so I am glad that we now have our two comfy chairs instead.  The books will have to be put back, but Malcolm can do that gradually, as he likes to have them in some kind of order.


I can’t stop yawning now after my busy morning and the delicious chicken casserole with vegetables and excellent roast potatoes, which my beloved prepared yesterday.  I may have to give in and have a  short nap to restore my energy.  

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