I must get to bed earlier tonight!

Hello everyone!  I had a busy day yesterday, so I had no time to blog.  I saw Beth in the morning and had a sandwich lunch with my beloved, as I was going out for a meal that evening.  Penny at work had had her fiftieth birthday on Tuesday and we all celebrated together at the Thai restaurant in Boston Spa.  The meal was tasty, even though the Thai fishcakes I had were very hot and spicy!  The stir fry chicken was lovely and the lemon sorbet completed the experience excellently.  A glass of wine was included but I had lemonade, as I was driving.  After the meal three of my friends were going to ring for their husbands to come from Wetherby to collect them, but I offered to take them to their homes, as I had to drive home via Wetherby anyway.  They were very grateful and I enjoyed doing it.  However my beloved was really ready to call the police, as I only arrived home at 11pm, after having left at 7.30pm to go to the restaurant!  I felt awful, as I had not meant to worry him.  Time passed quickly and it took me longer than I had thought it would to take my colleagues to their respective houses!  I apologised to Malcolm and realised I should have rung and told him what I was doing and I shall try to remember that in the future.


It was after midnight when we made it to bed, as I was so late home!  The result was that today I found it more difficult to concentrate.  I could not remember how to connect the printer and I had to remind myself of how to do graphs and charts, as I was showing Anne Marie how to do charts such as pie, line or bar charts!  I kept calm and soon got the hang of it again.  I was much busier, as we had a few new students to start off.  I enjoyed helping them gain confidence and laughed at my forgetfulness!  


I had delicious salmon rice prepared by my beloved tonight and then we went for a walk together, as the sun has finally come out after a drizzly, wet and overcast day!  It was quite pleasant and mild with a pleasant breeze.

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