A brighter day

Hello everyone!  This morning I decided to go straight into the garden after breakfast to clear some of our rampant ground elder!  I began to release some of the buried plants and time flew and it does look better.  My beloved reminded me of the time and so I came in and had a shower before getting some lunch.  Malcolm suggested we go to Brewers Fayre for lunch and I really appreciated that as I had been weeding for at least two hours.  It was lovely and relaxing.  I had grilled chicken with peas and a grilled tomato and a jacket potato, whilst Malcolm had scampi and chips.  After lunch I began to get ideas together for my sermon for Pentecost Sunday.  I like to prepare the outline of the sermon and suitable illustrations before I write in full.  


I am surrounded by delicious aromas, as my beloved has been preparing a turkey casserole for tomorrow’s lunch and parboiling the potatoes ready to roast tomorrow.  I love to see how skilled my chef-hubby is and enjoy the fruits of his labours.  It is good to relax with my beloved and we shall be enjoying one or two glasses of wine this evening.

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