The family of God


Hello everyone!  We were at Harlow Hill this morning and it was a very worshipful service led by Shaun.  He talked of the importance of teamwork, as we were thinking about how Matthais was chosen to replace Judas to complete the team of twelve disciples to do the work of Jesus.  They prayed about the choice and cast lots to choose between the two chosen men, Matthais and Barsabbas.  He described how important it is for all to play a part in a church, so that it all runs smoothly as the family of God.  Shaun told us how 55 members of his family celebrated yesterday his parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary together with friends, who were welcomed into the family and became a part of it.  Tomorrow the whole family will meet at Pately Bridge for the annual walk, except for an elderly aunt, who at 96 has to walk with a frame, but will be collected to join them for lunch,  On one occasion a lady met them on their walk and was so taken with them, that she joined them all for lunch and is still friends with Shaun’s parents.  Our church is a big family like that.

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