A reinvigorating experience

Hello everyone!  I have really enjoyed my day off tackling some of our rampant Ground Elder and releasing some more Rose of Sharon this morning before I had a shower.  I went briefly to the front of the house to tackle some huge Dandelions and Malcolm chose that moment to come and find me, but when he went in the house and upstairs to look for me he felt it was exactly like the Marie Celeste!  It was just as if I had vanished into thin air!! 


My beloved prepared delicious salmon, peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms to go with our jacket potatoes, before we went to see Julie at the Chronic Fatigue Unit.  Once again she was up to date with Malcolm’s blog, so she gets a good picture of his progress.  He can increase his walking pace and he is allowed up to eleven hours in bed as it is becoming too hard to keep to ten hours.  It is making him increasingly snappy and low and washed out, as he daren’t have a short rest in the day, in case he goes into a deep asleep. 

Julie is very good as she listens to us and takes note and is encouraging about the progress he is making.  He is still going out on his own, which is great as he is not so trapped when I am out.   


Talking of feeling trapped; when I was moving things in the green house, suddenly two good sized frogs appeared.  It took Malcolm and I quite a lot of manoeuvring to release them into the garden.  The first jumped out and I encouraged it to head for the protection of our luxuriant garden.  The second was more afraid of being rescued but Malcolm suggested using his big net and successfully caught him.  As I was moving other items a third smaller frog appeared and he was the most energetic of the three in his bid to escape capture but Malcolm finally caught and released him! 

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