Hello everyone!  Today is reasonably mild, although it is still cloudy.  This morning’s service was so poignant, as it was held in our chapel rather than in the hall.  There is netting to catch anything that might fall from the ceiling.  The services will now be held in the chapel until it closes on July 16th.  We needed more space today as it was the baptism of Brian’s granddaughter Poppy Emma Jane, so the church was full with all the guests.  It was a moving service, where our minister talked of the journeys of faith in our lives, the journeys of our lives from conception to death; and of course our journey, as we as members of our chapel move on to our various new chapels to continue our faith journeys.  I felt alternately joyful as we welcomed Poppy into the family of the church and alternately weepy, as I realised how soon our chapel would be no more, as a worship centre!!  It was a fitting final hymn for the service, my favourite hymn, “And Can it be” and I think I will choose it as a closing hymn, for the service I take in two weeks.  I do feel sad as it is the end of an era and I wish I could win the lottery to pay for it to be converted into a community centre with a worship centre.

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