Another rewarding day


Hello everyone!  I have had a good day at work.   I am beginning to do the scanning and coding more quickly.  I find the doctors are very helpful if I cannot understand the writing on letters and I need to code items.  They keep offering me help in understanding the illnesses.  I love the atmosphere there, as everyone is so friendly.  


I heard delightful chuckling from a baby in the waiting room and when I had to go to reception on one occasion and I glanced towards a baby in the pram and he promptly gave me a big beaming smile, which became a chuckle when I reciprocated with a smile!!  It was so uplifting and just remembering makes me smile! 


Whilst I was working, I heard the phone ringing in my room, so I went to pick up the cordless phone; however I pressed various knobs and the phone kept on ringing!!  Baffled, I suddenly noticed another phone and when I picked that receiver up, I could finally answer it!!  My beloved would have noticed it straight away, but I am oblivious to such things!!  I just don’t know how I could have missed it!  It is good to have a working phone in my room now.


On my return home my beloved and I went for a walk, which was enjoyable.  Malcolm prepared delicious ham pasta for our evening meal.  Now it is good to relax at home with my beloved this evening.

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