A rewarding day

Hello everyone!   I had a great day today, as it was lovely and sunny and warm.  I had an enjoyable time helping at the Acorn Centre.  It is good to see the students gaining in confidence and make some progress.  I had only time to play a couple of games of Solitaire, as I was so busy helping.  I got out in one game, which I was pleased about.  


When I returned home we had some Jasmine tea; my beloved forgets to have a drink when I am out, which surprises me, as I am always drinking water in this hot weather.  I went into the garden to tackle some of the luxurious ground elder, which I found satisfying.


We then came in and my beloved prepared delicious fresh trout pasta; it was especially good tonight, as Malcolm seemed to be inspired.  We shall relax together tonight as we catch up with some recorded videos.

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