A varied and enjoyable day


Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed today.  The washing dried almost as soon as it was hung out!  I went to the Acorn Centre this morning and three people came for help.  Two of the students were quite happy to work on their own with me there, so that they could ask me, if something went wrong.  Margot needed me there as she lacks confidence in herself.  She reminded me so much of how I used to be, as she feels useless and a failure, if she has to ask for help.  She is so easily discouraged but I told her that she is doing better than she thinks.  She has just sold her house on her own and moved into a smaller property and still feels she is a failure.  I reminded her that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of our lives and she had moved successfully on her own.  I tried to help her see how well she has done when she moved house.  I think she felt a little better by the time she left.  I was so proud of her making the effort to come when she was not feeling very confident.


As no one came for the afternoon session, I went home for about 2.15pm and Malcolm was pleased to see me.  We had a relaxing afternoon together as Malcolm worked on how to add another drive to the old computer.  It was lovely to see how animated he became as his mind cogitated on the problem of how to achieve his purpose.  He managed to reconnect everything and connect the extra drive outside the casing.  I was thrilled to see his skill.  I know he will keep on trying as he is loath to give up.


For our evening meal my beloved prepared delicious salmon pasta with peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and even a Satsuma.  Once again he surpassed his skills as a chef in the creation of the meal.  He cooks almost by a natural instinct, as he suddenly decided to add a Satsuma to the meal and as usual his instinct was spot on.  I find life exciting and stimulating with my beloved.

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1 Response to A varied and enjoyable day

  1. Unknown says:

    I write this comment on the occasion of David\’s 70th birthday – goodness we are all getting older. Mark and family have been with us for a few days – over from North Carolina.he alerted me again to your website …
    I have enjoyed reading all about the effects of the boiling hot weather on your daily lives, and am much impressed by the tales of Malcom and his cooking prowess.
    How many people, do you think, read your blog?

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