The relentless heat continues and we need a break


Hello everyone!  Today has been very hot and increasingly muggy and now at last some rain has started!  I went and did a couple of hours of trying to get rid of some ground elder and chopping back some plants that have finished flowering.  The incentive is that the garden bin will be emptied on Monday, so it is good to fill it up.  The ground is really very parched, so I am sure it will be welcoming the rain.  My poor beloved has been feeling low and useless, as it has been such a protracted time of heat, which drains his already low energy reserves and he feels unable to do much.  He also misses his outings to Open Church, as the heat has been too much for him.  His M.E. means that he is always hot even if the weather is not and therefore the continuous heat is extra detrimental for him.  I think this splash of rain has begun to ease his discomfort a little.  


I had a shower after my spell tidying up in the garden and went to meet Beth in town.  It was good to see her and catch up with how things were with her.  She really enjoyed the music workshop she went to this morning at St Peter’s Church.  Tonight she will be singing in the group as part of Rock Connexion, so she is pleased.  She has needed a Saturday off, as she is so tired working at the Bakery in Sainsbury’s as they are so short staffed at the moment.  I had a Tuna Salad and Beth had a burger and chips.  We both enjoyed our meals.  I then treated myself to a small gold necklace, which had 20% off in the Sale.  I was able to get a further 10% off the price, as I agreed to have a store card.


It is good to be back with my beloved now with jazz playing from Jazz Lines on the radio.  I find it so relaxing and uplifting.

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2 Responses to The relentless heat continues and we need a break

  1. Unknown says:

    I tried to send a comment yesterday, and thought it had been published – but I see no sign of it when I looked today. Am I doing something wrong?
    Interested that you also suffer with ground elder. It is a menace – I get down to ground level with a spade, and cut it off at that level – and then do this again and again. Eventually it gives up the fight, or is atl east more manageable.
    Going back to one of your previous blogs – how did Malcolm apply the satsyuma – squeezed the juice, or cooked along with the dish – in slices. I need to know these things.

  2. Unknown says:

    Sorry – I now see that you have to click on `read comment\’
    Secondary reactions to my comments I look forward to seeing in future blogs.

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