A trip down memory lane

Hello everyone!  I am back again, as I have just been reading my brother Selwyn’s comments.  I did not realise mother had liked Charlotte Yonge as a writer.  I always think of my brother when I am in second hand bookshops, as he collects everything to do with Lewis Carroll and loves to browse all book fairs and second hand book shops. 
Selwyn described the harvest decked church at Coniston Cold where our father was the vicar, but I could not remember that as I was only six when we moved to Harrogate.  I loved the harvest displays at Oatlands Chapel, which were the same as Selwyn described at Coniston Cold, only there was no homemade loaf of my mother’s to complete it.  My memories of Coniston Cold include going to the local post office in the village, where Kathleen Towler the postmistress would always have jelly babies!  I remember an enormous garden and how I loved to roll on the grass.  I can remember waking up and being surrounded by fields with sheep.  We lived by a very busy main road, which was very dangerous.  When we moved to Harrogate I remember the novelty of being able to play on the road, as it was a quiet residential area, so it was in marked contrast to my first home. 
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1 Response to A trip down memory lane

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Helen,
    This is such a delightful piece. I enjoyed reading about this slice of your childhood. I loved the part where you woke up and were surrounded by fields of sheep.  What a wonderful image. I see Malcolm is struggling a bit. I\’m sorry he missed his session with the acupuncurist. Do have a good day.   Bittersweet

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