The foibles of technology and the variety of family life

Hello everyone!  I had a good day at work getting more or less up to date.  I just have to attach the letters to their correct files, as they are mostly scanned into the machine.  The computer had its mood today as it kept freezing, so that I had to go to task manager and close EMIS down to be able to proceed.  However I was not delayed too long, as it was easy to sign in again and carry on with my work.  I love working at the doctors, as I now know what I am doing and I can see progress, as my tray empties and the piles of letters disappear into the computer.


I was thrilled to return to my beloved tonight and find he was feeling more cheerful, as he has had a more successful day.  He had mown the lawn, changed the water in the Aquarium and been to Open Church!!  I just hope he has not overdone it.  On my return my beloved prepared delicious griddled trout with peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes to accompany a jacket potato.  I am now relaxing with my beloved for the evening enjoying listening to music and later the television.


More or less every day we have updates on my daughter’s progress in selling her house and purchasing another one.  Her house is ideal for first time buyers, so she is getting higher and higher offers, as there are not many houses available to buy at this time of year!!  My beloved is rapidly losing interest in the house sale and purchase details, as it stresses him too much.  I just hope that Beth does not overextend herself in the borrowing, although I realise it is not my worry really!  Once a mum, always a mum, and there is a temptation for me to want to protect them, even though I know it is important for them to lead their own lives!!  I remember that today is the day that the Lord has made and I am rejoicing and glad in it.   

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1 Response to The foibles of technology and the variety of family life

  1. Unknown says:

    computer problems – ah yes. I \’blocked\’ a letter (part of a file of 17 pages) – and pressed print – instead of putting it into a new document – and the wretched machine started printing off all 17 pages. I couldn\’t stop it. Happily a chap who is buildng a new surround for our newly discovered well, knows all about computers – and showed me how to cancel the printing.
    Charlotte Yonge – yes – Norman let me have the Charlotte Yonge collection when Ruth died. Mind you, I did buy most of them over the years for her as birthday/Christmas presents!

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