We learn best from our mistakes

Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed a more relaxing day today.  I had a walk into town to sort out some money and it was pleasant and fine if rather cloudy.  On my return my beloved was up and able to come with me to see Beth and her partner Mahmood, as they share their birthday today.  Beth is now 28 and Mahmood 42.  Mahmood’s brother, Mo was there too and Malcolm was pleased to meet him.  Beth was lying on the couch covered with a rug and holding court before us all, as she is full of cold.  Malcolm and I found it rather amusing, as she has a tendency to collapse and make the most of feeling ill!  However she rallied herself sufficiently to open her cards and presents.   Hopefully she will be recovered enough tonight to enjoy the meal, which is her sister’s present to her, and her choice of venue a French restaurant.  Cathy and I are sharing the experience with her, which I am looking forward to as I have never been to that restaurant.


Beth was full of the house which she has agreed to buy and excited and stressed at the prospect of the exchange of properties.  She is so like her late father Stephen, as she is visibly losing weight from the stress!!  Cathy and I tend to want to eat more if we suffer from stress.  I hope all goes smoothly and I shall try not to worry that she is overstretching her finances.  It will be more of a family home with a garden, three bedrooms and a garage, but it is more than she had originally thought to spend.  She is very sensible with money and has always listened to my advice to avoid debt except with a mortgage.  


I had one bad experience of borrowing money to finance home improvements; when payment was initially delayed and interest added, which I only found out about the following year, when I had my first statement after paying double the suggested payments for a year.  I was horrified to see that I had hardly reduced my loan at all!  My beloved leant me the money so I could clear the debt and we made our next mistake of asking for a closing balance, so that an extra hundred pounds was added for future interest!!  All I had borrowed was £2,500 and yet when I cleared it I had to pay £2,200, after more than a year of payments of £112 a month!!  This became a salutary lesson for my daughters.  How had I allowed myself to pay on credit when I had savings, you might ask, as I am a reasonably intelligent person?  I was a widow on my own at the time of the transaction and encouraged to take the credit way of paying and keep my capital; and then pay it off earlier and it would not cost as much!   I was able to repay my hubby quickly and at least my experience was a warning for my daughters.


My beloved and I saw Julie from the Chronic Fatigue Team this afternoon and she reminded Malcolm of the need to pace, although she could understand his frustration.  We will try to proceed with more caution starting with short outings and moving on to longer trips.  She is giving us a break of three months to see how the pacing works.  She is so helpful to my beloved and so wise.  I enjoy sharing time with my beloved and I rejoice in this day which the Lord has made.


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