They slowly learn who only stand and bake

Hello everyone!  I had a somewhat frustrating day at work, as the computer system kept having glitches and freezing or just deciding to close down!!  I soon got adept at closing down and then starting EMIS up again, so that eventually I managed to get most documents on the machine, with all but a few attached to their correct files.  I realise how much progress I have made in my health as I just accept it, maybe exclaiming a little when the scanner would not attach files!!  I was certainly not alone in my frustration, as everyone was experiencing intermittent problems and the practice manager thought it was a general problem with the network.  At least I still managed to do most of the work.


The apple cake I took in to work was a great success and one doctor, who has just moved into a house with an apple orchard, so that she needs ideas of how to use her apples, and one other member of staff have asked for the recipe!  It was one of my mother’s recipes which I found in her old recipe book, which I still keep and love to use.  It is so good to see her writing especially thirty-one years after her death.  My mum was not a teacher, so I had to learn from scratch how to cook and follow her recipes.  Some of her recipes gave no real instructions, as she was a natural chef.  In fact some recipes just indicated the oven temperature as low, but did not give much idea of the exact temperature or how long they should be baked for.  One of my early disasters was making Rathmell biscuits, which gave no detailed instructions, so I overcooked them and Stephen, my then boyfriend, later my first husband nearly broke his teeth on them!!  


I used always to bake bread when I was first married and then, after having the girls, only just occasionally, as freshly baked bread needed to be eaten quickly to retain its freshness and flavour.  I always baked cakes and biscuits, as mum had done, and my daughters never valued them, as they were always there.  On the other hand it was great, and still is, when my sister Fran’s children came to visit or if I visited them, as they loved Aunty Helen’s cakes!!  


My mum always baked, so my eldest sister Margaret longed to have bought biscuits; every day at university she had a Penguin biscuit until she lost her desire for it! Apparently my mum used to love to eat bought jam as her mum always made her own!  We obviously take for granted what we grow up with and only later as we look back do we really appreciate what we had.


It is good to be home relaxing with my beloved after delicious chicken and ham pasta, prepared by my beloved whose skills I never take for granted.  His smile of welcome and greeting makes my day. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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1 Response to They slowly learn who only stand and bake

  1. Unknown says:

    loved the tales of home cooking. I suppose Ruth said low or high – as she cooked on an aga – so only two temps possible! I made some bread last night – for our coffee morning at the \’old\’ surgery (tomorrow) – I specialise in what I call \’penny loaves\’ and also cheese straws – where my basic rule is – get as much strong cheese into the pastry as possible. Anyway they seem to like them at the old surgery -even though I left over a year ago. The loaves and straws are by special request.
    Rathmell biscuits – ah yes, such memories. I did not know the Margaret story, but empathise. when I left home, I craved white shop bread – and silver shred marmalade.

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