What a wonderful world!


Hello everyone!  I have concentrated today on preparing my service for October 8th.  I have already been thinking and meditating on the passages and I have read some commentaries, so I have now selected my themes and hymns.  I have my ideas in my mind and during next week I shall prepare my sermon on the supremacy of Christ, whilst not forgetting that He was fully human just like us, and experienced the sufferings and struggles of being human like us.  It is wonderful how his wisdom is so relevant for today, especially his love and compassion towards those in need and his empathy and acceptance of the marginalised in society at his time, such as women and children and sinners and outcasts.  I want to care and accept people as Jesus did and lead people to know how much God loves and accepts them.  We love him because he first loved us.  I feel blessed in that great truth and want others to realise that that blessing is available for all.


As I have been studying, I have not had such an active day as my beloved.  He has thoroughly cleaned our bird table and birdbath and cleaned out our bird house.  We were thrilled to find two perfectly formed nests and no dead birds in the nest, as there was one last year.  It is great to realise that there were two successful broods of blue tits this year!!  We changed the position of the box and put it on our apple tree, as there was more shade and we were able to put it facing the best direction.  We have had a wonderful year with our wildlife this year with all the young birds, a few sightings of dragon flies, all our variety of butterflies and the emergence of grasshoppers.  It is so exciting enjoying our wildlife garden and we must not forget the wonderful goldfish, whose population is expanding with our two babies.  Even our aquarium has been a fruitful environment as our baby cloud minnow, Sparky, holds his/her own with the other four adults!  


What makes my home and garden most special is sharing it all with my beloved; his excitement and thrill with all the activity in our garden, pond, and aquarium makes it extra special.  I give thanks for this day which the Lord has made and I shall rejoice and be glad in it.

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