Staff praised

Hello everyone!  I did one or two summaries of patients’ notes today and the practice manager showed me how I could organise some diagnoses into groups to make the summaries clearer; and less bulky.


We all got copies of the newspaper photo of the doctor and receptionist who helped deliver the baby Ellieson Allenby!  Apparently she arrived at her sister in law’s house and her waters broke and she went into labour.  As it was 5pm and rush hour, she realised, that  it would take too long to get to Harrogate hospital, so her sister in law drove her to her doctor’s surgery.  The receptionist, who has had St John ambulance training, realised that Joanne was about to give birth, so she ran to the doctor’s room and banged on the door, even though he was in a consultation.  My memory is of him running from his room to the other consultation room, where she gave birth as he walked in!  The mother’s comment in the paper was “The staff at the surgery were really good, their reactions were really great.”   “It’s the first baby I’ve delivered at a surgery,” said the doctor!


My beloved and I shared delicious casserole with potatoes and vegetables for our evening meal, although all movement is restricted for my beloved.  His back has got a lot worse and whenever he tries to stand up or move he is wincing at each step!  He has finally agreed to take painkillers as he is loathe to take them too easily; but I was concerned that he could end up being unable to move at all!  I do hope the acupuncture tomorrow will help ease his back.  I am enjoying relaxing with my beloved while we listen to jazz on the radio.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Staff praised

  1. Unknown says:

    Are the two names both Christian names, or is the second the surname. You mever know these days. I always say to children with unusual names that I meet at the surgery – well at least you will be the only one with that name in your class at school.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    I had to check myself.  Allenby is the surname and Ellieson his first name.  I have never heard that name before!  Thanks for your comment.

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