Alls well that ends well!

Hello everyone!  This morning I was awake in good time but I was really concerned about my beloved.  He could hardly move as his back seemed so bad.  I brought his clothes downstairs, as once he had struggled downstairs, he could not go up again.  I got his socks on and helped him step into trousers.  I bought him his tablets and a coffee and some cereal, so he could have some painkillers.  I was glad that Helen, the physio was coming to give him some acupuncture this afternoon, as that is usually very beneficial.  I knew he could phone me if necessary as he has my office number, so that made me feel better, as I set off for work.


On my way to work I was making good time, and then I noticed that my petrol gauge was flashing empty!  I carried on into Wetherby, but I had no idea where a garage was!  I stopped and asked a lady who directed me left at the next roundabout and on for a while and it was on the left.  Relieved I drove in the direction suggested and sure enough there was a garage; and what was even better it was just past the end of the road, where the surgery, where I work, is!  That was even better, as I had wondered if I would have to drive back the way I had driven to get back to the surgery!  I arrived a little later than normal, but still in good time.


It was lovely to arrive home and see my beloved looking so much better and moving more easily.  The acupuncture had been very beneficial and the painkillers had begun to work.  He even managed to prepare delicious chicken and ham pasta for our evening meal.  I love to spend some time relaxing with my beloved this evening.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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