A family Christmas


Happy Christmas everyone!  I have had a lovely Christmas break with my lovely hubby and my elder daughter Beth.  She arrived with her partner on Christmas day, but Mahmood had to leave half way through lunch, as he had an upset stomach.  It was nothing to do with the lunch, but rather the soya milk (consumed by mistake that morning) which had upset his stomach.  The lunch was lovely capon served with Malcolm’s excellent roast potatoes and parsnips, along with all my usual wondrous range of ‘greens’.  Mahmood was so taken with Malcolm’s roast potatoes that he wanted to know all the details of how he had achieved such wonderful potatoes, as he had never tasted such good ones even when he dined out!!  

 Beth drove him back home and returned to spend the rest of the day and stayed overnight.  It was so lovely and relaxing just spending time together.  My poor beloved was so knocked out by going to church on Christmas Eve and staying up with the television service to see Christmas day in, that he did not wake up properly till after 12!  We did open stocking presents earlier, but then he fell deeply asleep again!  He was so pleased that he had been able to go to the Journey to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.  I can see how slowly he is able to do and cope with more, which is such a relief for him.  It was so good to see Beth visibly relax and enjoy relaxing with us after Mahmood had left.  It gave her a good rest and it made the experience more relaxing for us.  We hardly watched any television, until Dr Who and Doc Martin, which we both love.  Poor Beth, who as a baker gets up very early, fell asleep watching Doc Martin, so she went to bed before it ended.


Malcolm and I had a lovely relaxing Boxing Day watching Casper the ghost and then our Harry Potter DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, which we really enjoyed and then after a break De Lovely, the Cole Porter story.  The joy of watching DVDs is that we can take regular breaks and then pick the story up without having to sit and watch it all at once, as my beloved needs regular breaks.  


This morning, after taking my beloved a coffee and cereal in bed, I set off for a walk into town, so that I could browse the shops and to buy an odd few items I needed.   I am now enjoying the rest of the day with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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