Fortitude despite pain!

Hello everyone!  It was good to be back at work, although there was quite a bit to catch up on after Christmas.  I made quite good progress with the accumulated letters.  It was good to see my friends again and believe it or not I had another box of biscuits from the Christmas gifts from patients, as another eight gifts had arrived on Friday!!  The generosity of patients is amazing.  As we will need to get another secretary, I may be needed to type some letters to help out.  The practice manager can see that I now can touch type and realises I am familiar with Word.  I love to help in any way I can.


My poor beloved was in agony this morning early as he was getting shooting pains from his back and down his leg and into his calf, so I accompanied him downstairs.  He took some pain killers and managed to find after a struggle a relatively comfortable position in bed.  He got up and I helped him on with his pants and socks, so that he could get dressed before I went to work.  He coped reasonably but had to abandon his going to Open Church, as his leg kept giving way!  I shall ring at 8am to make him an appointment at the doctor’s tomorrow.  I do hope his pains ease soon, so he can sleep better tonight.  Despite all his discomfort and pain, he prepared delicious ham pasta for our evening meal.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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