Hope in sight for relief from pain

Hello everyone!  I had a good day.  I was able to get my beloved to the doctor’s, where he was prodded to find why he was in so much pain, and the doctor discovered his problem!  It was an inflamed tendon, which was causing such excruciating pain, making it impossible, even, for him to get comfortable enough at night to get much sleep!  His leg kept collapsing too, so I was pleased that his problem had a diagnosis.  The doctor said that the good news was that it was treatable with anti- inflammatory drugs, but the bad news was that it made acid in the stomach worse!  Malcolm has to take twice as many Lanzoprazole tablets, whilst he takes the Melixicon to counteract the extra acid!  Still at least it is treatable, so hopefully it will soon feel better.


I went and picked June up with her computer and printer to go to the Acorn Centre, as she cannot practise Computer Art on the computers there, as they are based on an Word 2000, which is not as versatile as Word 2003.  I brought my laptop, so Anne Marie could practise her Computer Art as well.  We enjoyed chatting and relaxing too.  I gave Anne Marie and June lifts back home, as I was going in their direction. 


After I dropped Anne Marie off, I went to a special shop to buy a seat to go in the bath, so Malcolm could have a shower, as he cannot stand for long with his leg problem.  It worked well!  He dare not sit down in the bath in case he cannot get up out of it!  Malcolm usually showers, but since his tendon problem, he has not felt secure enough to attempt a shower.  I am glad we have such a well equipped shop with helpful staff so nearby.


I boiled the remains of our capon and added vegetables, to make a soup for tea.  I rather overestimated the amount of water, so it was quite thin, but it made a refreshing meal.  It could have done with more flavouring, so Malcolm has added his special touch to the remainder of the soup, so it will provide him with a nourishing lunch next week, while I am at work.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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  1. Unknown says:

    My theory about \’post-Christmas\’ soup – is, as you say, boil up the bones and so on, then use the stock from that instead of water to add to a proprietory soup \’mix\’ – makes totally delicious soup.

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