A Gastronomic Experience

Hello everyone!  My beloved and I have just returned from a wonderful gastronomic experience.   We went out to an Indian restaurant, just across the road from our inn, for our evening meal.  We were spoilt for choice as there were two to choose from.  We decided to try the “Madhari Restaurant”, which was the smaller of the two, and it did not have an award as the one next door had, but my beloved felt drawn to it.  As always his instinct paid off.  We were welcomed with open arms and soon felt totally relaxed and at home.  I ordered a Chicken Shishlik, which consisted of griddled chicken chunks with fried onion, a vegetable sauce, side salad and Pilau rice; accompanied by garlic Naan bread.  As an appetiser we had Poppadoms with a selection of dips, including a kind of mint yogurt, onions and cucumber in tiny strips, mango chutney and a green chilli concoction.  I tasted the chilli concoction and I had to soothe my tongue with the yogurt mixture!!  The waiter entered pushing a sizzling trolley with our meals; he served mine as it continued to sizzle.  It was absolutely spectacular!  The meal exceeded expectations and was beautifully complemented with a glass of red wine!  As we enjoyed our meal, the staff continued to be very busy, as several people phoned in orders for take away meals.  There was a steady stream of customers, many of whom were obviously regulars; children were given sweets by the staff, as they waited.  I would highly recommend that restaurant opposite the Aigburth Toby Carvery on Aigburth Road, Liverpool.  The meal was completed as we were bought steaming hot flannels to refresh our hands and a slice of orange; wonderful!  As we emerged from the restaurant we almost walked into my eldest brother, David and his younger daughter, Marie and her partner, John, which was amazing!  They are also staying in the same inn, which we found out today, but it was great to meet them so easily.  They were just going to the more upmarket restaurant, so we will probably swap notes on our experiences.  This weekend is turning out to be so special and especially so as I can share it all with my beloved.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings you shower on me.

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2 Responses to A Gastronomic Experience

  1. Mark says:

    It sounds delicious.  We miss decent Indian restaurants here in the US, though Viola cooks excellent curries.  The yoghurt dish you mention sounds like raita, something we often have with hot dishes.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Mark
    It is certainly a restaurant I would recommend.  The staff were so personable and the food delicious.  You will have to try it when you come to England next time, if you are visiting Kathleen.

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