A New Adventure with my Beloved


Hello everyone!  I am writing this blog in Liverpool on February 24th as my beloved and I am staying at an Innkeeper’s lodge, which is connected to the Toby Carvery.  Tomorrow is Kathleen’s 80th birthday and we shall be eating a buffet lunch at the cricket club, just across the road.  We will be meeting up with most members of my family and Kathleen’s nieces and nephews tomorrow; altogether there will be 58 of us.  I look forward to seeing them all.


Last night we arrived in Liverpool at about 4pm and we popped in to see Kathleen, as we were not sure of where the inn was.  We had a good chat and a lot of laughs with Kathleen, whilst we enjoyed a cup of tea.  Kathleen directed us to the inn and we soon settled in for a rest, before we went to the Carvery for our evening meal.  We had had two stops en route to Liverpool, one just to stretch our legs and have a loo stop, and the second to eat our packed lunch.  We had a glass of dry white wine each to accompany our meal.  I chose a salad, as I had left my carefully prepared salad at home!  My beloved had baked cod in cheese with various vegetables, which he found tasty.  My mountain of salad was splendid with turkey pieces, gammon pieces, and cheese and a wonderful array of salad items; just what I love.  It was lovely to drink a glass of wine with the meal, as I was not driving.


I am so thrilled that my beloved has managed to come away with me for the first time for more than three years.  The bed is not so comfortable and the room is not sound proof, but otherwise Malcolm has coped very well.  His humour is alive and well and he keeps making me chuckle!  I am lucky I sleep soundly whatever the bed is like and whatever noises are outside.  If my beloved had not been able to come, then I probably would not have slept as well.  We have only been apart for two nights since we got married, and I love to snuggle up with Malcolm in bed.


This morning we walked over to see Kathleen for a coffee.  It was lovely to see the magnificent bouquets and a balloon she was receiving for her birthday.  It was great to have time to chat to Kathleen, as there will not be the same opportunity tomorrow, when all the families are there.  This is the day that Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to A New Adventure with my Beloved

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Auntie Helen.  Great to hear news of the weekend.  Wish we\’d been able to be there and see you all.  It was nice to hear about it all from my Mum on the phone last night.  Love, Mark

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Mark
    We were sorry you could not be with us but we were all thinking about you.  Your balloon had pride of place at the front.  I was privileged to be with Kathleen, when your magnificent flowers and balloon arrived and Kathleen was thrilled.

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