Wonders of Internet links


Hello everyone!  Peter and Pamela came to join us for drinks and a meal at the Brewer’s Fayre restaurant on Saturday.  It was lovely to see them again after such a long gap.  We had no difficulty in chatting together as though it had not been such long a time, since we had seen them.  However we do keep in touch via the internet, so we know what we are doing in our lives. Yesterday we went to a pub our friends go to and met most of their drinking buddies; and I discovered I was famous!!  I was invariably greeted and acknowledged as the one who had toothache!!  It is good to know that our news from our blogs is shared with their friends, especially now we have met them.  My beloved enjoyed a couple of pints of Black Sheep bitter, whilst I enjoyed lime and water, as I am the driver.  We then had lovely pub food; I had smoked mackerel with salad and brown bread as a starter, whereas my beloved had some carrot and coriander soup.  I then had delicious homemade pasta bake served with a lovely salad and garlic bread; it was so hot I had to eat it slowly!  My beloved enjoyed a Cumberland sausage with mashed potato and peas.  The food at Hest Bank pub is all homemade and excellent; and very reasonably priced; from 12 till 6.30 selected two course meals were only £6.85 and three course meals £8.95!  I could not manage a dessert even though they looked very appetising, as the portions were very good.  The bar staff was relaxed and very personable; I would certainly recommend the experience.

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