An active day shared with my beloved

Hello everyone!  Today I slept until 7.30am, later than I usually wake up, even though it was a bright morning!  I took my time to get up and have breakfast, before I went shopping to Sainsbury’s.  On my return I unpacked the shopping and prepared my lunch of steamed vegetables with Yorkshire Feta cheese, whilst I cooked bacon, black pudding and fried egg for my beloved’s lunch.  We then went to the Aquarium Centre to buy replacement filters for our new large aquarium.  My beloved has been carefully treating Callie, one of our fantails, for a swim bladder infection for the last four days.  Callie is already looking better and not resting as much as at first.  My beloved has given Callie the second dose of treatment this evening and it is good to see she is more active.


This afternoon we went into the garden to do some more tidying work.  My beloved found some old wood to edge part of our border whilst I was weeding out more ground elder.  My beloved added compost and wood chips to areas I had mostly cleared of ground elder; I am gradually clearing one of the flowerbeds.  We both love working in the garden, especially as it was warmer today and sunny; but I had to finish at about 5pm as it was getting colder.  It is lovely now relaxing together with my beloved.  Malcolm has already made the chicken casseroles ready for tomorrow lunch.  We loved watching the new ‘Dr Who’ series; it was very gripping and good.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to An active day shared with my beloved

  1. Unknown says:

    ground elder is a total menace. We are severely afflicted. Have you found a method of getting rid of it – or do you just slice it off at ground level with a spade, and then try and weedkill any that comes up later?            

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    No, I chop off tops, I dig and pull out many roots but never all!  We have added some bark chips to the ground I have weeded hopefully to discourage it.  I got a gardener to dig out one large area and cover it with a weed resistant cover and pebbles, so I hope it will not return to plague me there!!

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