I learn to take breaks

Hello everyone!  I learnt today how to print out a summary and consultations, as I knew how to make them, but had never been asked to print them before.  At first I was having no success, but one of the receptionists showed me how to do it.  I had been starting from the wrong page, and soon saw how easy it was, even though it was time consuming printing all the consultations!  I managed to do one summary as well as get all the current letters coded and scanned onto the machine.  I tried to take a break every hour just to walk around or get a drink, as I had been advised by my practice manager; I do see the wisdom of moving away from the computer on a regular basis.


At lunch I took my packed lunch out and was going to sit on a wall and eat my lunch, which was rather chilly; until I asked a young lady passing by if she knew where there were any seats, and she told me there was a bench at the other end of the ginnel.  I sat and enjoyed my sandwiches, although I was somewhat ‘nithered’ after I had been sitting for about 15 minutes, as there was a very fresh, chilly breeze, and I had not brought a coat.  Normally I just stay eating my lunch, as I work in my room, but in my appraisal it was suggested I take a proper break at lunch, and take my lunch out.  I did feel more refreshed, I must admit, and not so sleepy after lunch!  I only had one hot drink to warm me up after eating my lunch; otherwise I just had my chilled water.


On my return home my beloved suggested we go out for a meal at the Brewer’s Fayre for a change.  It seemed a lovely idea, as the restaurant has a cheery atmosphere and good food.  I enjoyed roasted parsnip and goat’s cheese served with cranberry sauce, new potatoes and fresh vegetables; it was very tasty.  My beloved enjoyed a square beef and mushroom pie, which he demolished with relish, accompanied by a glass of red wine.  As I was the driver, I had lime and water, which was a refreshing drink.  It was good to sit, relax and chat together, whilst the meal was prepared for us.  Now it is good to relax at home for the evening with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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