An eventful weekend with my beloved


Hello everyone!  Yesterday I had a busy day; first I did the weekly shopping, then I began to sort out the front room and clear out papers, which were no longer needed.  I am a terrible hoarder and find it really difficult to throw away or even recycle goods, in case they come in handy some day!  We can actually see some of the front room now!  It will be better when Cathy takes our spare futon; and that will not be until they have finished doing up their house.  


My beloved was feeling really exhausted yesterday, but he made the effort to come with me to look at fireplaces and gas fires.  We need a new fire in our back room as the existing fire was second hand 25 years ago and needs replacing.  As it is the main room that we relax in, it will be lovely to have a fireplace feature, as we need a new fire.  We saw a fire we liked and two good fireplaces; then my beloved at home looked on the internet to find suppliers and compare prices.  That was a great success and we selected a fire we liked and a choice of two fireplaces we liked; and even better a number of Corgi registered gas fitters in our area; one is even on our own road!!  On Monday we shall contact him for advice on fitting and if we need a workman to prepare the flu. All in all it was very satisfying, to have decided on a fire.


Our successful morning led to a new project in the garden.  I tackled some more of our rampant ground elder; and my beloved thought it would be a good idea to make another rockery feature in the garden.  I suggested one part of the border in our wild garden, but my beloved thought it would be better near our pond on the south facing border.  I agreed, as that side is less prone to getting waterlogged.  As we began to dig it out we found a number of large stones, which we removed and put on one side for the rockery.  My beloved also noticed some rocks hidden under the huge laurel bush at the top of the garden, so I clambered in and dug them out.  My beloved then sorted out some of the good composted soil from our large compost heap to add to the area, and he placed the stones decoratively to form the rockery.  He then added compost and planted the Thyme from one of our containers, which had seemed not to be thriving.  He will add some Aubretia to the newly formed rockery.  It is fun doing new things in the garden.


My beloved then prepared the chicken casserole for today.  It smelt delicious.  I prepared the potatoes for my beloved to roast today.  This morning I prepared the vegetables before going to church, as I knew there was going to be the full church meeting following the service.  The preacher talked about the reality of the resurrection, and that we are now living in the knowledge that Jesus is alive and with us.  He talked about the reactions of the friends, Peter and John to the risen Lord.  Peter arrived at the tomb and rushed in, John saw and believed; Peter the impulsive disciple needed to be accepted and restored by his Lord, after his threefold denial, before he could be sent out on Jesus’ mission to the world. He is always an encouragement to me, as Jesus accepted him and restored and forgave him; and gave him his commission.  The church meeting was delayed by technical problems, but started 20 minutes late!  As it was still going 20 minutes later than it was supposed to end, I decided to leave, as my beloved was waiting to start lunch; a few people had already left as the meeting was overrunning.  It was interesting and the elections for stewards and other offices were soon done; ideas for making the church more versatile by removing pews and replacing them were shown in other listed buildings like ours.  I am sure those sort of decisions will be taken in the future.  Our church in its central position in town is perfect for out reach and support of people; on Friday and Saturday nights pastors use our building as a base, as they are available from 10pm till 3am to help anyone in need. 


Lunch was as expected delicious; I cannot understand how my beloved can produce such special roast potatoes; every mouthful was exquisite!  We have since been relaxing, listening to the radio and pottering on our computers.  I love sharing my life with my beloved!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it. 



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2 Responses to An eventful weekend with my beloved

  1. Unknown says:

    Delighted to hear about your successful appraisal – and indeed new job \’description\’. We are just back from our trip to the USA – my talk to the Lewis Carroll society of North America seemed to go well. We had a good week with Mark and family down in North Carolina. I was surprised you did not mention, in your blog for 15 April, that Norman would have been 100 years old on that day – had he lived a little longer!
    Glad to hear abut the rockery and ongoing battles with the ground elder.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    Lovely to have you back; I love your comments.  I did mention father in the prayers at the service I was taking and I did send you all my thoughts by email.  I should have mentioned it on the blog on the day!

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