Relaxation, socialising and working

Hello everyone!  Yesterday was a very full day off.  In the morning I did the cleaning, before taking my beloved over to choose some plants for our reclaimed rockery.  I prepared lunch early as my beloved had an appointment at the ME clinic at 1.30pm.  I managed to eat half my sandwiches and salad before going; as it always takes me a long time to eat my carrot chunks and celery pieces!  My beloved has been put in “limbo” for the next three months, when he will be discharged if he continues to progress as he is doing.  Julie has been such a help to my beloved; so wise in her support; we shall miss her measured wisdom.


Keith called round to explain about the meeting he wanted me to chair later this year.  He showed me the minutes of two previous meetings.  I shall need to chair the meeting three times a year, May, September and January.  Next Wednesday I shall go to the meeting to see how it is done.  It will give me some new experience.  I am enjoying new challenges my new chapel provides me with. 


I then went out into the garden to tackle some of our severe outbreak of dandelions in the lawn and hidden in the rockery and sundry borders!  I also helped my beloved dig out some lemon balm from our rockery, as we want to reclaim it.  It is so rewarding to see our garden being shaped in new ways; creative gardening is so much fun! 


I tore myself reluctantly away from the garden to get ready to see my best friend Hilary to share a pizza, potato wedges and a cheesecake.  It was lovely chatting with her, although it was rather noisy, as the restaurant was rather full.  We left early and did some window shopping for possible wedding outfits, as her youngest son is getting married in May.  I ended my day relaxing with my beloved; a lovely day.


Today work went well and I more or less completed coding and scanning letters.  I also managed to summarise a patient file.  I took a break from work and went out to enjoy the warm spring sunshine as I ate my packed lunch; a relaxing and refreshing experience.


It was lovely to return home and see my beloved’s efforts in the garden and home.  He prepared delicious chicken curry pasta for our meal.  He came with me as I walked to deliver my dates for preaching to my superintendent minister.  It was quite chilly as we set off but we had warmed up by the time we were on our way back.  It is lovely now relaxing with my beloved.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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