All we like sheep have gone astray!

Hello everyone!   Today is fine but cloudy, although I think the sun is trying to emerge from the clouds, but it is not as warm as yesterday.  I took May to church with me this morning and it was a lovely service about the shepherd and the sheep.  The minister told us of a lamb they spotted on their country walk; it was at the wrong side of a fenced field with barbed wire at the top, and it was running up and down bleating in distress; at the other side of the wall the mother was running up and down the wall bleating helplessly to her distressed lamb, but the situation seemed very difficult to resolve!  Fortunately a white van sped up with the farmer to the rescue!  She reminded us of how easily we go astray, as she hit white balloons (sheep) all over the church, and they all needed to be collected in!   We so easily go astray and make mistakes, but there is always the shepherd looking out for us and he knows us by name.


Yesterday I did something very silly without thinking!   I dumped some clean clothes in front of my beloved’s new computer, whilst I changed the bed, but as I hastily removed the clothes, when I realised my error, I knocked my beloved’s wireless mouse to the floor with a resounding crash!!  As I feared it did not work and he could not use his computer!  I felt awful, as it had been such a thoughtless thing to do; I never seem to think of health and safety.  At once I apologised and asked him to order a replacement, which I would pay for!!  I hoped I had not inadvertently caused any damage to the computer itself!  I felt miserable and wished I could have undone it, even though my beloved was not really angry; I felt I had let him down.  My beloved fiddled a lot and he managed to get the mouse to work after he had taken the batteries in and out and pushed them in hard; and that made me feel better.  As a child I was often in trouble without meaning to do things wrong, but just because I did not think.  On one occasion I saw a rope round some drying concrete and what did I do?  I jumped in and out again!!  I cannot remember mum’s reaction!!  I am just thankful that my beloved shows me repeatedly forgiving and accepting love despite my foolishness!  I rejoice in this day which the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it!

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