Life is full of surprises

Hello everyone!  I have been busy since the weekend at work, and I also had a meeting to attend last night; it was the church council meeting.  Last year I was asked by the deacon at our church, if I would chair a meeting three times a year, as he was taking over the pastoral care of two chapels, which were losing their minister.  He had been impressed by the way I led the Lenten discussion series.  I was of course flattered and agreed.  I would be leading a meeting twice a year at our church, and chairing one meeting out of two, which we have with our local Anglican Church; already that was one meeting more than I had thought.  Next I discovered that I also needed to attend the monthly executive meeting at our church, and the church council meeting, which meets two or three times a year!!  The three meetings has certainly grown somewhat!  However I do like to be involved in the church, as I am getting to know people better.  I gave one lady a lift home, and as she got out of the car, she said that Oatlands Chapel’s loss was their gain!!  I drove on home with a beaming smile on my face.


This morning I was up early as I had an appointment to see the doctor about this strange thing on my foot.  I went in and said to him, jokingly, it has not changed in size or appearance, maybe I just have to live with it!  He had a look at it and agreed with me about it not changing at all, and I expected him to just say it will eventually go; but he has referred me to the Dermatologist at the hospital.  He told me to expect an appointment within two weeks.  I set off for home, and I had only just arrived home, when the phone rang; it was the Dermatology department offering me an appointment for 9am next Wednesday!  I am very impressed by the way our GP interacts with our local hospital!  I am curious to know what it is and look forward to next Wednesday.  Life never ceases to surprise me!

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