A service worth waiting for

Hello everyone!  The chairman of our district Dr Liz Taylor was taking the service this morning at our chapel, and I was reading the Old Testament reading from Isaiah 65 v 17-25.  I wondered why I had not heard when I was to do the reading when I saw the preacher arriving just after the service should have begun!  I had just seen the steward seconds earlier approaching another local preacher, Rosemary Green, in our congregation, so Rosemary was not needed.  I soon received the order of service so I knew when I was required to do the reading.  The service began eventually about 15 minutes late.  I was amazed to see how calm the preacher was and relieved for her; I would have been a quivering wreck!!  On one occasion when I had been asked to do a reading on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm in a village, close to where I live, I got lost!!  I had been many years before, but I just could not find it!  I kept asking people in the locality but no one seemed to know of it, never mind where it was!!  Finally the last directions I was given brought me to it, and I rushed down the path to arrive breathless and flustered just in time!  Dr Taylor said that she had set off in plenty of time and got to our town quickly, but then her problems started.  She has only just been appointed our chairman, so she had not been to our chapel before.  She was unaware of our one way system, which meant that she found herself near our chapel but unable to get to it, and then she had Sunday trading to contend with.  She struggled to find anywhere to park!  I really admired her ability to remain calm, when her efforts to find us were thwarted. 

Dr Taylor spoke well on the theme of ‘keeping on keeping on’ to make a difference in our world for the true gospel of seeking the wellbeing of all, sharing our resources with those less fortunate and being there for those who struggle.  She drew attention to people such as the founder of the Samaritans, but she said there are far more unsung heroes who just work faithfully.  I felt encouraged by her worship.

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  1. Unknown says:

    I think I would have been more nervous being in Rosemary Green\’s shoes – not easy to be able to preach at the \’drop of a hat\’ as it were. As regards X factor – we watch Strictly Come Dancing – on the other channel – much more our scene.

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