God’s House is for prayer

Hello everyone!  This morning on ‘Good Morning Sunday’ with Aled Jones there was a discussion about whether people should be charged to enter a church or not.  It took me straight back to the first year of marriage to my first husband, Stephen.  We were staying at a Methodist Guild guesthouse in the West Country, which I think was called Lindors in August 1977.  We went out on a coach trip, which included the Cheddar Gorge and Wells.  We both felt we had too much time at the Cheddar Gorge and less time than we would have liked in Wells.  We visited Wells Cathedral and as we were looking round we came to one part, where you had to pay an entrance fee.  I was not and am still not one for a confrontation, so I was more than a little taken back, when Stephen protested about being charged in the house of God.  I was so embarrassed and yet understood why he protested and I did admire him for his principle.  We were allowed to view the area without having to pay, but Stephen put the money in after as a voluntary donation!  He had just wanted to make a point!  I, like a lot of the contributors to the discussion this morning, advocate a suggested donation rather than a charge.  The church should be available to all whether they can afford to pay or not, in my opinion, to find quiet, rest in God’s presence or for prayer. 

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