The Wonderful Grace of God

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I had a more relaxing day as I did not get up early to do the shopping.  I had a walk into town as the sun was trying to come out.  We had a relaxing evening catching up with some recorded material, firstly the first episode of ‘Sense and Sensibility’, then ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’; the latter, which we were particularly gripped by.  We shall transfer it without the adverts onto a DVD to enjoy again.


This morning the sun was shining again, so I enjoyed the walk down to church.  Our minister talked of Epiphany moments in our lives, such as the one he had when he failed an exam in Nuclear Physics, as he had not done enough work.  His tutor wisely told him to take a year out and then decide what he would like to study.  He followed his advice, travelled round the world, met his wife, and returned to another university to start a different course on the environment, and his life experience led him to answer the call to be a local preacher and then Methodist minister.  We all have such Epiphany moments, when our pathway forward becomes clearer.  I love the Covenant Service which we have annually, as it allows us to renew our relationship with our Father in Heaven and Jesus.  The minister encourages us to make this covenant of God our own and give ourselves to him, trusting in his promises and relying on his grace.  The words we say can only be fulfilled with the grace and help of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: ‘I am no longer my own but yours.  Your will, not mine, be done in all things, wherever you place me, in all that I do and all that I may endure’  I thank God for the gift of his grace, love and acceptance, which gives me the strength to live each day.  I thank you Father for your gift to me of my beloved, whose accepting love of me shows me each day a measure of your unconditional  love for me.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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One Response to The Wonderful Grace of God

  1. Mark says:

    We\’re enjoying Sense and Sensibility too, though it took me all of the first episode to get the Ang Lee film version out of my head — it seemed very similar to me in lots of ways.  Love, Mark

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