First Day up!

Hello everyone!  Here I am back again after spending most of the time in bed with flu since Monday!  It is a relief to have been able to get up and have a shower!  I felt so hot, sticky and washed out.  I slept on and off as I was so exhausted, whilst my beloved, bless him, kept me plied with drinks, although I really had no desire to drink or eat much.  I was sorry it all got too much for my beloved when he felt helpless to help me.  I felt sorry he felt so isolated, but his low feelings helped me make an effort to get out of bed.  It did help me start to improve just coming downstairs in my dressing gown last night to watch TV with my beloved.  It is so good spending time with my beloved.  He made salmon rice for lunch, which I found very tasty.  Hopefully my taste buds will soon be back to normal, so all drinks taste good; tea just does not taste the same as usual.


I have taken today carefully and I am just so relieved to be feeling more myself.  I shall rest as much as I can over the weekend, so that I can be back at work on Monday.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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