A chopping experience

Hello everyone!  I feel quite virtuous, as I have spent just over an hour chopping some rather rampant growth from two bushes at the front of the house.  As it is milder today, I was surprised to find how cold it was when I went out, so I had to go and get my coat.  I was cutting at first with some scissors, as I had been unable to contact my younger daughter, who still had our secateurs, on her phone or her mobile phone, which is very unusual.  I continued with the scissors, until Margaret, who lives across the road, told me Cathy was working in her garden!  I went round I was able to collect the secateurs and found the chopping easier with them.  Ken and Cathy were busy in their garden, Cathy treating weeds and adding gravel to the garden, whilst Ken was constructing some decking for the back garden.  Cathy showed me proudly how she had used an electric saw, which looked terrifying to me, and the fence she had painted.  They work really well as a team. 

I am now relaxing with my beloved by a warm fire, whilst we listen to the radio.  Lunch was excellent spicy chicken casserole served with steamed vegetables and delicious roast potatoes.  I am so fortunate to have such an excellent chef in my beloved.

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