A worshipful service

  Hello everyone!  Today the sun is shining, which is wonderful.  It is so good to see the blue sky with a few white clouds scudding across the sky.  The sunshine just makes me feel optimistic. 

Our preacher this morning took as his themes, transformation, togetherness and training and he linked the themes from the sermon with the other two supporting readings.  He told the children of Peninnah who could not have children, but was soon corrected from the members of the congregation, that he meant Hannah!!  As he began his sermon he explained that he always got names muddled up, and frequently mixed up his children’s names, even calling them by the name of the dog!!  I felt that if he recognised that he tended to get names mixed up, then it would have been a good idea to write down the names as a reminder. 

His emphasis was on renewal and being filled with the Holy Spirit, nourished by togetherness in fellowship, and being trained to lead others to faith.  Samuel was the answer to Hannah’s prayer, which transformed her life from childlessness, when she had three further sons and two daughters.  Samuel then was brought up and trained in the togetherness of the temple community under Eli, so that he was open to hear God’s voice as a child, and grew up to be a significant priest and judge in the nation of Israel. 

The reading from Matthew described the call of the disciples to be fishers of men, when their lives would be transformed as they were together with Jesus for three years and trained for service.

The main reading was from Acts, where the apostles, after the transformation of the Holy Spirit, were performing miracles.  They continued together in fellowship and shared their possessions and distributed money to those in need.  They worshipped together and grew in their faith.  Mr Clifford Booth also gave a whistle stop tour of the Bible in his sermon, which at times was too much, but he kept coming back to his themes, so that helped us keep on track.

He was quite solemn but sincere in his presentation.  I found it a worshipful experience and found the themes helpful.  I would have preferred him to come down and talk to the children, as it helps them feel more a part of worship.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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