Dramatic Weather Conditions

Hello everyone!  Tonight is the first night I have not been going out this week.  I had an Executive meeting on Monday evening, Churches Together on Tuesday evening and I saw my best friend last night, who I had not seen for 4 weeks.  It is such a treat to be in relaxing with my beloved this evening. 


Yesterday I had a treat of a full body massage, which I had saved up for, and it was so lovely and relaxing.  Silvie at Skin Sanctuary has a wonderful touch.


This afternoon my room suddenly went pitch black and then it began to hail very heavily; it even came onto me through the sky light in my room.  It reminded me of my school days, when we were in the middle of an exam, when it went pitch black and large hailstones rained down; it was funny as one girl in my form thought the end of the world had come!!  I was relieved to get back home safely this evening.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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