It is important to listen

Hello everyone!  This morning our minister Shaun lead worship and we had Holy Communion.  He spoke about transformation, as today the gospel reading was the Transfiguration.  He also quoted from Peter’s letter, where he quoted the phrase, ‘This is my own dear son, with whom I am well pleased’, but he missed out the important phrase in the gospel reading, which was ‘listen to him’.  He reminded us how important it is to listen!  He described how he does preparation for couples, who are going to be married.  He asks each of them to say something they love about their partner and something they find irritating, whilst the other listens.  As soon as one partner describes something irritating, the partner wants to respond and not listen!!  It is an important lesson of how to listen, not just hear.  He also asks them to write down something special they have done for their partner and something that has meant a lot to them that their partner has done for them.  He finds the experience great as often the partners describe the special things they had done for their partners, but at other times the partner has found something different very special!  I think that preparation for marriage is the best, as it shows the importance of listening to the partner and finding out what matters most to each partner.  We need to listen to Jesus too, as there are times he speaks to us directly.  We will never be transformed if we do not listen to him.  Jesus was transfigured as God the Father wanted the disciples to understand Jesus’ position, as being the culmination of the law with Moses and the prophets with Elijah.  I love the way that Jesus touches the disciples, who fell on the ground in fear, when God spoke, and tells them not to be afraid, as that is what he does for each one of us.  What I found most helpful from the sermon was that we are to listen to Jesus, so we can be transformed into his likeness, and the way Shaun prepares couples to marry.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it. 

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One Response to It is important to listen

  1. Unknown says:

    How glad I am that I never had to go through that sort of marriage preparation – those exercises I would find acutely embarrassing. Just get on with the wedding, and let\’s give this counselling a miss! But there – I am just a shy boy.

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