A satisfying week

Hello everyone!  I have been busy this week with completing a service for Sunday and I had meetings on two nights.  We have just started our Lenten Bible Study and we are following a York Course on the Lord’s Prayer.  We are doing the study with St Peter’s Anglican Church and Richard, an Anglican and I will be alternately leading the discussions.  The first session on Our Father was led by the curate at St Peter’s Church and led to some lively discussions.  I even found that one lady from St Peter’s Church used to live at the bottom of our garden at Brunswick Drive, and they went to St Wilfred’s church too!  It is a small world!  She remembered us as children too!  I also met someone else I used to live near, who worships at St John’s Church, but was interested in joining our Lenten course.  It was good to catch up with his news on his family.


On Shrove Tuesday my beloved cooked some pancakes, which we enjoyed with lemon juice and sugar.  Malcolm at first forgot how to fry them, so I had a go, but I can make the mixture, but I was not very successful.  My beloved then remembered how his mum had done it and his pancakes were successful and delicious. 


The weather has been quite mild and sunny.  Wednesday was a particularly lovely day.  I even got my sheets out in the sun and they dried well.  I also enjoyed my walk into town. 


Work continues to be good, and I have been able to summarise a few more patient notes, as a new member of staff is doing some scanning for me.  It makes it quicker for me if I only have to code the documents, and not scan them as well.  I love working with my colleagues and I like to see the progress I am making in summarising new patients’ notes.


It is lovely to spend most evenings in with my beloved now.  I do enjoy relaxing with him; I can just be myself with him.  I am also very blessed with his skills as a chef, as every meal he prepares is a treat.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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