A memorable Children’s Address

Hello everyone!   Today is beautiful, bright and cold, so very healthy; I love the clear blue sky and bright sunshine.  I did not have to de-ice the car, as the frost melted on the windows before I set off to collect May to take to the chapel.  The temperature was 1 degree according to my car thermometer as I set off and it had risen to 3 degrees by the time I arrived home after church.  Our service was led by Rev Leonora Wassell, a retired Methodist minister, and it was a good exposition of being born again. For her children’s address she brought half a dozen eggs.  The children watched fascinated.  She first broke a couple of eggs into a bowl.  She then asked them what came from an egg, and they answered correctly, a chicken. 

She reminded them how the chicken would have to make an effort to emerge from the egg.  She likened it to their second birth; they were born first as an egg, and then as a fully fledged chicken, which she compared to the idea of us being born naturally from our mothers, and then being born a second time, when we become Christians and are filled with the Holy Spirit.  She encouraged us to break out of our shells and be born again.  It is a very difficult concept to teach.  Malcolm suggested wording it as an egg being an apparently independent creation, before the emergence of the chick.  The children found it entertaining but it was too difficult for them to understand the idea of the rebirth as a believer. 

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