Life is fulfilling and good now

Hello everyone!  Yesterday was a busy day, shopping early and volunteering at the Acorn Centre.  A few new students came, one or two who needed more help.  It was a big thrill when one student, who finds the computer course very hard, managed to type a passage without a mistake!  She struggled so much with the course until another student suggested she try the SpongeBob typing course, and finally she began to understand it.  She realised that the work was correct if the letters were green, but something was wrong if the letters were red.  At first she just typed without bothering, but gradually she wanted to do the typing correctly and worked really hard to achieve it.  I was so thrilled to see her achieve this milestone.  She has the printed article to remind herself of her achievement.  I am so grateful to Becky for her suggestion about the typing course.  I love to see any progress made by students in their learning.  Kath, our tutor, is excellent at producing suitable work for the diverse abilities of the group, who also battle with mental health issues, so that they can rebuild their confidence.  I owe everything to the Acorn Centre, a Mind centre, where I was able to retrain after coming out of teaching with a breakdown in August 2003.  I learnt computer skills and rebuilt my confidence, so I could get back into work.  I still love the job I have been in now for almost 2 years at the doctor’s surgery.  I am still so grateful for the start the centre gave me, and I am much happier now in my job.


This morning I relaxed in bed longer, before doing my exercises, having breakfast and going into town, which is a Saturday treat.  I did a little shopping in town, and had a coffee at my chapel, before returning home.  I enjoyed the walk into town as it was fine and quite mild.  On my return I found my beloved had decided to do some gloss painting in the kitchen and bathroom and downstairs toilet.  It is better for him to do some painting for a shorter time, so he does not get too exhausted.  The rooms already look better; it will be great to have them finished.  On Monday a decorator is coming to give us a quote for the hall and the landing, as that job is too big for us to do.  Malcolm has to be careful that he doesn’t overdo it, or he can be knocked out for days.  I think he is now learning better how to pace himself, so that he is not worn out for too long.  My beloved has just prepared tomorrow’s lunch, a delicious chicken casserole, which we will have with roast potatoes and vegetables.  I hope he has not overdone things, though I can see how much happier he is, when he has managed to do something.  I love sharing my life with him.  We are now relaxing together for the evening.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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