Jesus offers everyone living water

Hello everyone!  This morning I had a slow start with my Sunday treat of not exercising!!  I enjoyed cereal instead of my usual porridge, a boiled egg and toast and lemon curd.  I love a relaxing Sunday morning completed when I go to the chapel.  Worship this morning was led by Leslie Simms.  He tends to be slow in his delivery but he is very sincere in his faith.  I found his pauses especially in the sermon were intrusive, and I found myself dozing, and losing the thread of his argument: that was a pity as he was stressing the importance of meeting Jesus and following him.  He based his sermon on the woman at the well to whom he was able to offer acceptance, and, as Leslie described it, offer her something special, living water.  What had impressed her most was how he knew all about her and yet spoke to her.  She wanted to share Jesus with all she knew, as she felt known by him.  I hope this important message was not lost in the many pauses, especially as I heard a lady near me sighing and wishing he would conclude his message!  I must admit that I was stifling yawns after the sermon ended, even when we were singing!


The children’s address was I felt understandable to the young children there.  He talked about a man who had chemically mixed liquorice with some special ingredient, which made the drink very tasty.  He sold it for some time, before he sold the recipe for 50 cents.  That drink with its special ingredient was then manufactured in bulk and became the well known drink Coca Cola.  The recipe is of course now a closely guarded secret.  He then went on to explain that Jesus also brought a special ingredient of living water, which in contrast to the recipe of Coca Cola, is not a secret, but it is offered for all, who come to know him.  He encouraged the children to get to know Jesus as a friend and companion, and to keep travelling with him through their lives.  The children are up to age 8, and they could understand him.  He also came down and talked to them directly, which I find better, as the preacher can seem to be far above them, when he up in the pulpit.  I am sure the children will remember something.  I love children’s addresses as they often pick out the major theme from the service in, as it were a bite size portion; I often remember them better than the main message of the sermon.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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One Response to Jesus offers everyone living water

  1. Graham says:

    Hi HelenHope you are keeping well.  I\’ve enjoyed reading your blog.  Just to let you know that we had the same bible reading at our church today!  The person leading the service brought in bottles of Thirsty Planet water for people to take home with them.  I looked on the back, and saw that the bottles came from Harrogate.Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.G

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