Our chapel community is our home


Hello everyone!  Yesterday I had a slow start to the day, but I got up in time to go the coffee morning at our former chapel, Oatlands.  We still meet up once a month to raise money for different charities.  This month’s fundraising target was ‘Action against Allergy’, and we raised £53 for it.  Last month we raised over a hundred pounds for a local charity which is raising money for facilities to train young visually impaired people to become independent.  There has been a well run campaign locally inviting people to buy a brick for £5 each, and he has been very well supported.  I just felt at home with my friends at Oatlands at the coffee morning, although I have settled down in my new chapel, Wesley chapel.  I made a comment on how it always felt as though I was home, when I was there, and I found that others had been expressing that thought too.  I remember local preachers always enjoyed preaching there, as it was such a homely and welcoming chapel.  It is good to get together once a month.


This morning I was able to relax in bed, as I did not need to be up too early to go the church.  I picked my friend May up and we arrived in reasonable time.  I was asked if I would take the offering plate.  The preacher was Deacon Keith Gough and he reminded us that it was Passion Sunday.  He used Simon Peter’s denial as the basis for the prayer of confession, which I found particularly effective.  I was always glad that there was an impulsive disciple who did not get it right, as it made me feel better.  I was the sort of child who would act before thinking, as I did on one memorable occasion.  There was a rope round some drying concrete, which I was walking past with my mum and sister, when I decided to jump over the rope into the concrete and out, leaving my foot print for posterity!!  I cannot remember my mum’s reaction, but I can imagine it!!


Keith’s children’s address took us back to when he was 15, and had just started as an errand boy in a shop, which was 2 ½ miles away from his home.  One morning when he was setting off to work on his bike there was a deep layer of snow and his bike wheels just spun round and got nowhere.  He went back inside with a grin to say he could not possibly get to work, but his mother told him he could walk!!  He had a busy day, and at 6pm he set off into a blizzard to walk home.  By that time he was very cold and tired and as he struggled through the driving snow, he felt like sitting down and going to sleep, but realising it would be dangerous, he persevered.  The one thing which prevented him from giving up and sleeping, was the light of his home, which seemed just like a speck in the distance, where there was the promise of a warm fire and a hot supper, and he eventually got home.  His father was just setting out to look for him, when he made it home!  He reminded the children of how the light of Jesus shines for us as a comfort and guide when we have to struggle through difficulties; God will never totally abandon us.  As we were singing the final hymn I suddenly realised, when I saw a lady with her offering plate, that he had forgotten to do the offering!  I then quickly collected the offering during the hymn, and we waited at the front, whilst the congregation finished singing the six verses of ‘The head that once was crowned with thorns’!  It was a good service of worship.


It is good to relax with my beloved this afternoon and this evening.  This afternoon Cathy popped in for a chat, and it was good to see her looking better; maybe her thyroid medication is better balanced now.  She and Ken have been busy doing up their house for selling it this spring, as they have a rather large mortgage, and they want to buy something cheaper and reduce their monthly outgoings.  It is good to see how happy she is with Ken.  My beloved provided delicious chicken casserole with some of his special roast potatoes for lunch; I am really spoilt by his consummate skill!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Our chapel community is our home

  1. Unknown says:

    Janet\’s  husband Robert often used a similar story about a light in the far distance – quoting from Jane Eyre, where she is destitute and alone, and sees the light where the Rivers family are living. Very moving. Don\’t miss \’The Passion\’ on BBCTv tomorrow (Sunday) our son Mark was the historican consultant – and will be on the credits – he has a short article in the current issue of the Radio Times

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Selwyn
    We have seen the Mark\’s articles and noticed the credits to him, on the Passion, which we are finding good and recording.  Happy Easter.

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